The TÜV KNOW-HOW CLUB provide you with information on a wide range of relevant topics. Already established for many years, these events offer you the ideal platform for exchanging information with each other and with your TÜV Hessen certifier.

Your knowledge advantage is one of the decisive criteria for the success of your company. It is often the basis for successful innovations. This is why we offer you, as a user of the TÜV KNOW-HOW CLUB, precisely this information and advantages that give you a knowledge advantage over your competitors.

As a user of the club, you can be sure of the following advantages:

  • Participation in free TÜV KNOW-HOW CLUB information events with maximum of 2 participants
  • Use of the TÜV KNOW-HOW CLUB logo in your printed matter
  • Use of the TÜV KNOW-HOW CLUB in the protected member area (in German)
  • Free download of documents and information
  • Many valuable contacts to other companies

Find out more about our customer register, which companies are certified by TÜV Hessen.

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No matter which position you occupy in your company, in the future early know-how will be the key to success!